Sierra Pointe Bowlers Recognized in NSL

Two of Sierra Pointe’s very own bowlers were recognized by the National Senior League for Wii Bowling. Both Jean Ome and Flo Eng are a part of Sierra Pointe’s Stryke Force and Alley Katz bowling teams. Click here to learn more!

Jean Ome

Jean Ome, pictured above, celebrates 103 years in June.

Flo End

Flo End, pictured above, celebrates 101 years in April.

We are so proud of our dedicated bowlers! Keep up the great work!


Vintage Simi Hills on CBS Los Angeles

About two weeks ago, Vintage Simi Hills was ecstatic to have won the California Assisted Living Association’s 2012 Award for Innovation in Quality for their Sit & Box exercise program. On Friday, February 1st, Vintage Simi Hills was paid a visit by Amy Johnson, reporter for CBS Los Angeles. The Sit & Box program of Vintage Simi Hills has drawn attention all over Los Angeles, so CBS aired a story on the program. We at Vintage Senior Living are incredibly proud of Vintage Simi Hills for their amazing program that is helping seniors stay fit, focused, and happy!



Click HERE to watch the video from channels CBS2 and KCAL9!


Vintage Simi Hills Calling All Car Lovers!

Car ShowVintage Simi Hills recently hosted a car show alongside the Roam’n Relics – a nonprofit organization which specializes in American automobiles made before 1974. Jodi Boscarino, Sales Director at Vintage Simi Hills, inspired the event. She quotes in the Ventura County Star –

“They can remember the good old days as they recollect the past … maybe the first car they learned to drive or the first date to the drive-in movie… It’s great to see the faces of young and old sharing a moment with no gap in age, just a common love of cars and the era they came from.”

Awesome event Vintage Simi Hills!

Click HERE to read the full story featured in the Ventura County Star.



Vintage Simi Hills Earns CALA Innovation in Quality Award for Sit & Box Exercise Program for Seniors

Vintage Simi Hills is proud to announce that the Sit & Box senior exercise program has earned the 2012 Innovation in Quality Award from the California Assisted Living Association. Inspired by Vintage Simi Hills Activity Director Flo Trapani, the Sit & Box program has gained exciting momentum with over 20 seniors attending the class. Please click here to read more about the Sit & Box program in an article featured in the Ventura County Star, January 15th, 2013 edition. Congratulations Vintage Simi Hills!Flo Trapani


Happy Veterans Day

A few Vintage Sonoma Veterans were honored VIP guests this past weekend at the Veterans Day Celebration at the Veterans Hall in Sonoma. Vintage Senior Living thanks you for your service and we are proud that you call Vintage Sonoma your home.


Resident of the Month

Vintage Senior Living’s Resident of the Month is Clifford Melikian from The Kensington in Walnut Creek, CA!

On the 30th of December in 1920 Clifford was born and raised in Fresno under the roof of Gunyas and Nuridza his father and mother along with his siblings Carl and Grace. He attended school in Fresno and graduated in the year of 1939. After graduation Clifford pursued college, but a few months later he had to make a decision between education and family. He decided to put college on hold to support his family for a while. Clifford attained a temporary job at a near by store, and before long he joined the Army and became a solider for the Untied States of America. Clifford was in the Infantry and was first stationed in France and later in Germany during WWII. When asked, he said his favorite part was, “To serve my country.” After the war Clifford went to Los Angles and studied at USC and obtained his degree in International Relations and Economics.

In his early 30s Clifford met the love of his life, Helen. They were married for 26 years until Helen passed away. She is the mother of his two sons Kenneth and Stephen. The oldest child, Kenneth, is currently a Superior Court Justice. Clifford and Helen’s youngest son, Stephen, is an Attorney. Both sons have three kids of their own now, making Clifford the grandfather of six children.

Clifford has a talent for playing the trumpet and has an ear for symphony music. He also enjoys watching his USC college football team and a good movie every now and then. Clifford enjoys being at The Kensington, and enjoys our friendly and helpful staff. His favorite things here are the overall attitude of the staff, the dining room, and especially the evening entertainment on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Congratulations Clifford on being our Resident of the Month!


Unconditional Love From A Veteran

Vintage residents have a deep history. For many, that deep history includes memories of being an active part of the war. Each Vintage community honors these residents by putting their pictures on a “Veteran Wall.” Learn about Wallace, a veteran and his wife, Marilyn.

This story began in the city of Pasadena.  Wallace and Marilyn met when they were four years old.  They attended the same church and their mothers were friends.  Wallace lived in Montebello and Marilyn in Pasadena.  They grew up knowing each other and spending Sundays together.  They attended different schools but were friendly throughout their childhood and adolescent years.

In 1943, Wallace joined the marines and was sent to Iwo Jima with the 5th Marines.  He had just become engaged to a high school sweetheart right before departing for battle.  But after enlisting and being sent off, he reconsidered and broke the engagement, thinking it would be unfair to have his fiancé wait for him.  The next six weeks of war were very challenging ones for Wallace.  The battle was treacherous and difficult to fathom.  But Wallace persevered.

Wallace acknowledged it was a horrible war.  When the flag was raised at Mount Suribachi, he shared that a roar could be heard from all the Americans.  The point was so high, Americans could easily spot the American Flag.  “It sends a chill in me to think of it” Wallace would say.  “The flag stands for something.  It stood for a lot that day.”

Wallace was discharged in 1946.

When Wallace returned in 1946, he once again became engaged to his high school sweetheart.  Marilyn was invited to the wedding. But two weeks before, the wedding was once again called off, this time by the soon to be bride.  It was for the best as Wallace did not feel as bad as he thought he would. It simply was not meant to be and this opened the possibility of a romance with Marilyn.

Marilyn and Wallace continued to be friends throughout this time.  In fact, Wallace’s father would encourage Wallace to ask Marilyn out as he was fond of her.  Finally, after week s of prompting, Wallace did ask Marilyn out after church one Sunday.  Their first date was going to see  “I’ve Always Loved You”, a war movie.  Their courtship was quick and they become inseparable thereafter.  Their relationship continued to strengthen and their romance was alive and well!

They were married in 1947 at the Church of Roses in Pasadena (which is still there).  Marilyn was studying English literature and they moved into her mother’s home in Pasadena. Wallace found a job in the van and storage business and Marilyn found herself pregnant.  They have resided in Alhambra for 57 years with 3 children.

For 65 years, Wallace and Marilyn have been together.  They had a happy marriage, she shares, with many good times.  Wallace was firm but never got angry and never raised his voice.

They both moved to Massie Hall at California Mission Inn in July of 2011. Marilyn shared she knew it was the right place when she visited and discovered the building was built in 1926, the same year as she was born, and was originally a home for missionaries.  Her faith has always been strong.

“We love being here, it’s home” she says. “The staff is wonderful to us, from the food servers to the caregivers.  They are all kind, considerate, ready to do the next step and so good at anticipating our needs. I am so happy here!”

In March of this year, 2012, Wallace moved to Recollections.  Marilyn stayed in her apartment.  Fortunately, they are on the same floor so she can visit him frequently.  “Separating from Wallace was the hardest thing I have ever done.  But I’ve gone the road as far as I can go with Wallace and we are in the best environment now.” They still dine together as well as spend quality time together, watching Dancing with the Stars, a favorite activity.

Marilyn concludes, “We have three wonderfully supportive children and three wonderfully supportive grandchildren. We could wish for nothing more.  And here, we are surrounded by wonderful people.  We are lucky!”

For more information on how Vintage has honored our veterans, visit our YouTube channel.

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Super Soaker Alzheimer’s Fundraiser

Vintage proudly supports the Alzheimer’s Association in the fight to end Alzheimer’s. For the second year in a row Eric Dobner, Activity Director at Narrows Glen, rode his stationary bike from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on July 13th in order to raise money for the Walk To End Alzheimer’s. Donations provided the opportunity to soak Eric down with a Super Soaker. Resident Stan Allen was first in line! Eric raised $500 dollars for the Alzheimer’s Association. Thank you Eric! Call a Vintage Senior Living community near you. Join us in our efforts to end Alzheimer’s.


Ask The Expert, Episode 4

Learn about Assisted Living – questions answered: What support is offered for seniors transitioning to assisted living? What happens when siblings disagree about moving mom or dad? What causes family issues surrounding moving to assisted living? Is guilt normal? Knowing when it’s the right thing to do – moving mom into assisted living or memory care for dementia.