Featured Resident of the Week

Esther Houston, a resident in Rosemead, CA was born in Shady Side, OH as the oldest of all her siblings. Being the daughter of a priest, she’s been surrounded by religion her whole life. Esther dedicated her schooling to the study of religion. She was extremely successful in school, so much so that she was elected to be a part of Mensa, which is a group of people in our society who have high IQ’s. She now competes in an Annual Spelling Bee for California Mission Inn. We are so glad Esther has chosen Vintage Senior Living to call home.


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Sharp as a t-a-c-k

Esther knows her stuff, and her spelling skills nabbed 3rd place in this week’s senior spelling bee in Duarte, CA. Congratulations to Esther, one of our vibrant seniors that call Vintage at California Mission Inn home in Rosemead, CA.

Senior Spelling Bee Winners - Assisted Living Resident from California Mission Inn of Rosemead Wins!

Senior Spelling Bee Winners