Vintage Simi Hills Earns CALA Innovation in Quality Award for Sit & Box Exercise Program for Seniors

Vintage Simi Hills is proud to announce that the Sit & Box senior exercise program has earned the 2012 Innovation in Quality Award from the California Assisted Living Association. Inspired by Vintage Simi Hills Activity Director Flo Trapani, the Sit & Box program has gained exciting momentum with over 20 seniors attending the class. Please click here to read more about the Sit & Box program in an article featured in the Ventura County Star, January 15th, 2013 edition. Congratulations Vintage Simi Hills!Flo Trapani


Happy Veterans Day

A few Vintage Sonoma Veterans were honored VIP guests this past weekend at the Veterans Day Celebration at the Veterans Hall in Sonoma. Vintage Senior Living thanks you for your service and we are proud that you call Vintage Sonoma your home.


Resident of the Month

Vintage Senior Living’s Resident of the Month is Clifford Melikian from The Kensington in Walnut Creek, CA!

On the 30th of December in 1920 Clifford was born and raised in Fresno under the roof of Gunyas and Nuridza his father and mother along with his siblings Carl and Grace. He attended school in Fresno and graduated in the year of 1939. After graduation Clifford pursued college, but a few months later he had to make a decision between education and family. He decided to put college on hold to support his family for a while. Clifford attained a temporary job at a near by store, and before long he joined the Army and became a solider for the Untied States of America. Clifford was in the Infantry and was first stationed in France and later in Germany during WWII. When asked, he said his favorite part was, “To serve my country.” After the war Clifford went to Los Angles and studied at USC and obtained his degree in International Relations and Economics.

In his early 30s Clifford met the love of his life, Helen. They were married for 26 years until Helen passed away. She is the mother of his two sons Kenneth and Stephen. The oldest child, Kenneth, is currently a Superior Court Justice. Clifford and Helen’s youngest son, Stephen, is an Attorney. Both sons have three kids of their own now, making Clifford the grandfather of six children.

Clifford has a talent for playing the trumpet and has an ear for symphony music. He also enjoys watching his USC college football team and a good movie every now and then. Clifford enjoys being at The Kensington, and enjoys our friendly and helpful staff. His favorite things here are the overall attitude of the staff, the dining room, and especially the evening entertainment on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Congratulations Clifford on being our Resident of the Month!


Wishing Helen a Happy 100

Yesterday morning Helen Muessig, one of our very own residents at Vintage Simi
Hills in Simi Valley, CA was featured in the local newspaper the Ventura County Star for her 100th birthday. The article on Helen showcased some of her fondest achievements such as teaching at an elementary school for 40 years as well as her lifelong travel log. Helen has visited Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, Switzerland, and New Zealand, just to name a few! Though Helen has traveled the world and seen many great sights, she has settled down at Vintage Simi Hills and says that she especially enjoys her new surroundings. “This place is unbelievable,” Helen says. “The people are so nice… I’m happy to stay here.”

Helen’s birthday was on August 28. Flo Trapani, the activities director at Vintage Simi Hills, described Helen as “proof” that “no matter what age you are, you can still enjoy life, and keep learning.”

We at Vintage Senior Living wish Helen a happy birthday and many more to come.


A Poem From Ced

Last week we received a beautiful poem written by Ced, one of our new assisted living residents at Vintage Brush Creek in Santa Rosa, CA. In the poem, Ced brings together different aspects of his Vintage community that’s made his experience special thus far:

“Since coming to Brush Creek two weeks ago,
It feels like my spirits are all aglow!
So many nice folks- some even make jokes!
And nobody smokes-
The food’s the best- we really are blessed.
Talented, friendly, cheerful staff
Whose good humor can make us laugh.
Alaina, Kassie, Cyndys two
Lead exercises, games, and WI-FI too!
Len’s a marvel behind the wheel
Of commuter bus or Lincolnmobile.
Entertainment’s great, music and dance-
Watch out for budding romance!
All in all, it’s hard to imagine
A nicer environment for our retirement!”
Ced Beebe 8/21/12

Thank you, Ced!

For all our poets, artists, and photographers, please share your work. We’d love to see it!

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


Ask The Expert, Episode 4

Learn about Assisted Living – questions answered: What support is offered for seniors transitioning to assisted living? What happens when siblings disagree about moving mom or dad? What causes family issues surrounding moving to assisted living? Is guilt normal? Knowing when it’s the right thing to do – moving mom into assisted living or memory care for dementia.


Reasons to Keep Your Sodium Low with Vintage Senior Living

Vintage takes pride in our healthy diet plans. “At Vintage, we don’t want to meet the standards, we want to go above and beyond them” says Shawn Stanchfield, Director of Food Services for Vintage Senior Living. One focus of our communities is our Low Sodium Diet.

The menus at Vintage Senior Living meet or exceed the recommendations set forth in the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for men and women age 70+, established by the Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, and National Academies in 2010. This includes the recommendation to limit sodium to 2300mg per day.

These are not “therapeutic” diets, but are meant to be consistent with the recommendations for a healthy elderly population. The regular diet offered by Vintage Senior Living contains ~2300mg sodium to reduce risk for transient sodium-induced hypertension.

We need sodium in our body for:

  • Marinating fluid balance
  • Nerve transmission
  • Impulse contradiction
  • Muscle contractions

If we consume too much sodium:

  • May be detrimental to bone density
  • Blood pressure/hypertension

Hypertension often has no warning signs or symptoms. The high blood pressure increases risk for heart disease, stroke, congestive heart failure and kidney disease. Come visit a Vintage Senior Living near you and see how we can accommodate your health needs and help you be your healthiest.


Blog Post From Don Bishop, Narrows Glen Resident

When Betty was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease we were living in a downsized, one-level home. As time moved on and cognitive ability continued to fail, it became apparent that we would need to move. She was not willing so I finally told her that “I needed to move” and that she should come with me.

We began searching the area for retirement communities. My parameters were: close to family and, if possible, within our city of University Place. We visited a number of communities and all were nice but had drawbacks. When we found Narrows Glen we liked what we saw and began regular visits to experience the lifestyle and get Betty used to the surroundings. We attended social hours and different activates for 6 months total where Betty was also able to meet many very friendly residents. The residents and staff were really the deciding factor, however, the physical plant and the landscaped grounds certainly added to the mix. So, we moved into a two-bedroom unit. It had a patio and a garden area that appealed to me. It was also very close to the main parlor and the Rose Garden.

My passion has been gardening. After moving in, I got involved in the Garden Club and was quickly put in charge. I started to care for and nurture the Rose Garden and then the Dalia Gardens, Resident Gardens, etc. A plant/grow room was assigned to me, which I took to like a “duck to water.” The next thing I knew, I was elected President of the Residence Association. This has been an interesting experience and has put me in closer contact with management and residents. I am an advocate for the residents and work closely with the management for the betterment of all. There are so many activities available for residents that there is something for everyone, from trips to Wii Sports to various outings. All make living at Vintage a great experience.

As Betty’s disease progressed, it became necessary for me to move her to the Memory Care area, as I could no longer give her the care that she needed. Again we visited before the move to view the surroundings and get better acquainted with the surroundings and staff. Some of our family was not ready for the move and some were upset with me for “just doing it,” but they stepped up and one of them took Betty out for about two hours while the others prepared her new apartment. When she was brought to the new apartment many of her favorite pictures and belongings were in place. This was their way of trying to make her feel more at home. She has adjusted well and seems happy, has made many friends and is close so that I can visit frequently. The rest of the family is happier now and actively visiting as well.

The staff is just remarkable in what they do. The staff is familiar with all the idiosyncrasies of the residents and they know how to deal with them. For example, if I go to visit and it is time for me to leave, Betty doesn’t usually want to say goodbye. Immediately the staff will interject and get Betty actively helping them with another project so that she can be diverted – something that I can’t do on my own.

We have never looked back at the decision to move to Narrows Glen and it has made everything so easy. It was the right move for us and the timing was good.

This post was written by Don Bishop who is a resident at Narrows Glen, a Vintage Senior Living community located in Tacoma, Washington.