Vintage Westwood Horizons: Ping Pong Champ Turns 104!

Miriam Brucker playing ping pong.

Miriam Brucker, one of Vintage Westwood Horizon’s lovely residents and champion ping pong players, turned 104 this year! She was born in 1907 in Russia and came to America at the young age of six. Miriam began working after eighth grade to help support her family and then spent part of her life working for a CPA firm. While there, a fellow employee introduced her to what was the start of her life passion – the stock market. The employee gifted Mariam with her first stock of half a share of IBM. Back in the day it was very uncommon for a woman to run her own finances but Mariam learned to be independent from the example of her mother, who tackled anything that came her way. Over the years Mariam invested more and more in the stock market and was very successful. Mariam’s independence and positive attitude can be attributed to her longevity.

Since 1997 Mariam has been proud to call Vintage Westwood Horizons her home. She has contributed much warmth to the community and is most known for her mean game of ping pong, as well as her wonderful singing voice. Happy Birthday Miriam!


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