So Happy They Had To Write About It

What a great day to get a note that one of our community teams made a family member so happy they had to blog about it!

Last week at Vintage Las Palmas in Laguna Woods, CA the Executive Director Sue Johnson received a letter from a family member that he had a plan to get America back to work – what if each of us shared with our circle of friends and family local businesses that we recommend via facebook, a personal blog or email? As part of Ernie’s plan in action he posted a great recommendation for Vintage Las Palmas:

“After doing a thorough due diligence visit of several Assisted Living Facilities for Seniors, we found Vintage Las Palmas in Laguna Woods.  This turned out to be the best decision we could have made for my elderly parents.  They have a private apartment and a bunch of things to do.  The most important benefit is that they get compassionate care from a very polite staff.  The best way to describe this community is to call it a Cruise Ship on Moulton Parkway in Laguna Woods.  Call Sue or talk to one of her staff members if you have a loved one that needs a positive environment and compassionate care.”

Here’s Ernie C.’s blog post about juicing the economy fittingly named The Casarez Jobs Recovery Act of 2011.

Thank you to our amazing associates who’s hearts sing each time they hear they’ve exceeded expectations, and our residents and families who make each day so meaningful.

Lots of great days around Vintage Senior Living. Good stuff.


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